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Are Manual Processes
Holding You Back?

Let Our Small & Medium Size Business Automation Experts Unlock Your Company's Full Potential!

Business Process Automation 

No Upfront Fees or Internal IT Resources Required


We bring enterprise-level Business Process Automation to small and medium sized businesses, with no need for internal IT resources.  Our uniquely designed applications remove manual workflows, save time, increase productivity, reduce errors, and enable rapid growth. Team up with over 30 years of sales, marketing,
and business management knowledge and knowhow.  

Reaching a Deal


Every business uses some number of manual processes that can and should be automated. These processes are time consuming, expensive, create bottlenecks and are prone to errors. We help eliminate those problems, save manhours, cut costs, boost productivity, and enhance visibility and scalability.  In short, we empower your business to quickly maximize its full potential.  




MMA's expert team of strategic partners developed amazingly efficient, automated procedures and technology.  Best of all there are No upfront fees, No start-up costs, and No need for any internal IT resources. We only charge a modest monthly maintenance fee AFTER the automations are fully implemented.  Plus, every solution is expandable for any additional needs.

Successful Work Team
Office Hallway


A Powerful Combination!


Cutting-Edge Technology

Cutting-edge Technology

Most small and mid-sized businesses crave better financial performance but don't always have the

n-house talent, training, or tools needed to make it happen. MMA solves that problem by utilizing proprietary, AI powered, Profit Acceleration Software

to optimize your key business functions.


Our assessments identify and prioritize the best strategies and tactics to employ for your business across 40 vital components. Plus the system produces detailed roadmaps and action plans that are guaranteed to produce results.  Take us for a test ride! The initial assessment is FREE and can be done in about an hour.


No-Risk Proposition

Mid Market Advisors understands controlling expense is just as important as generating revenue.  We've walked in your shoes!  We recognize the need for balance, so our business model leverages People, Process, and New AI Technology to produce Extraordinary Outcomes.


Our holistic, Exponential Growth approach maximizes profits, minimizes costs, and achieves Amazing ROI.

In fact, we're so confident in our capabilities, we'll Guarantee at Least a 200% ROI when you work with us.

Let us show you!

We look forward to speaking with you!


Experience Counts


Developed a complete Go-to-Market  strategy to launch a cutting edge technology during COVID-19. Elements included collateral, website, online and traditional media marketing, lead generation, and sales support.


Coached two company  executives in acquiring a division of a Fortune 500 electronic media group. Instrumental in formulating strategy, deal structure, terms and conditions, plus ongoing favorable access to facilities and resources.


Commissioned by a Real Estate investment group to develop a turnkey lead generation program for off-market properties.  Utilized geo-demographic targeting and syndicated home purchase data to launch an integrated  marketing program. The system was linked to a call center that captured information and pre-qualified potential sellers.


Leveraged previous industry specific experience with a top M & A firm to help facilitate efficient and profitable exit strategies for the owners of multiple client companies.


Spearheaded the development of a formalized Business Process Improvement practice for both client and internal applications.  The discipline became a core company mindset and delivered major improvements in timing, cost, performance, and competitive advantage. Won a multi-year client assignment against a big six accounting firm.


As new CEO, led re-assessment of company performance vs industry benchmarks. Initiated a reset of vision, mission, strategic objectives, and operating philosophy.  Promoted client centric culture of excellence, teamwork, pride, integrity and fun for 100+ employees.  Re-aligned staff and resources around sales and business development.  Implemented objective-driven, performance-based compensation plan. Achieved record $5.8M EBITDA from a $491K net loss in just three years.  Firm was then acquired by a complimentary strategic partner resulting from multiple offers.


Assisted a direct mail marketing firm enter a major Midwest market. Instrumental in the development of sales, marketing, and operational plans to support rapid growth. Participated in hiring, training, and managing 50-person sales organization. Quickly promoted to manage sales and marketing for the third largest market in the US.

   RECESSION 2023!

What are Your Top Challenges & Priorities?


  1. Strategic Planning - align vision, mission, goals, objectives  

  2. Financial Management - become profit-focused, value-driven 

  3. Value Engineering - company-wide operational efficiency  

  4. Competitive Analysis - identify market-driven opportunities 

  5. Business Development - strategic sales and marketing efforts

  6. Staff Optimization - deploy the right people to the right roles

  7. Technology Integration - solutions-driven, value-added tools

  8. Risk Management - assess and insure business progression

  9. Strategic Alliances - cultivate complimentary relationships 

  10. Exit Planning - owner succession and M & A  preparation                                       

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                 MID MARKET ADVISORS

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